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Dos and Don’ts for Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is more complex than most people realize. This article will teach you everything about carpet cleaning, including tips, cleaning products, and other factors. Learn how to clean carpets in Melbourne, without causing any damage. More bonuses?

Use the best method possible

Carpet cleaning has evolved a great deal over the years. Some people still shampoo their carpets, but it is not the best way to clean them. They will often leave behind residues in the carpets, which defeats the purpose of cleaning.

Hot water extraction, or “steam” cleaning as it is also known by many experts in the industry, has been proven to be the most effective way to clean carpets. These machines can be rented from your local hardware shop or hired by a professional cleaning service.

Do not: use the wrong cleaning products

Avoid using liquid soap, bleach or shampoo. You will need the correct equipment if you’re doing your own cleaning. However, the type you can find in the hardware store will not be effective. Carpet cleaning services in Melbourne will have the best equipment. Eco-friendly products are the best carpet cleaners because they’re not only safe but also gentle.

The following are some of the most important steps you can take:

Vacuum your carpet first.

Spray the carpet with the mixture in the 1-gallon sprayer. Use a bit more if it is a heavily trafficked area but be careful not to over-wet the carpets. Pre-heating will help loosen soil that is embedded deeply in carpets, making it easier to remove during cleaning.

To remove the pre-treatment thoroughly, add the carpet rinse to the extraction system.

Remove as much moisture from the heavily soiled area as you can using only the vacuum.

Under the legs of your furniture, place foil or plastic squares. This will help prevent furniture and rust stains from appearing on your carpet.

Set your thermostat at a certain temperature and turn on the ceiling fan to help your carpets dry faster.

Open the windows only after the carpets have dried. Inside, the air will be dryer. Your carpets will be able to dry quicker if there is less moisture in the atmosphere.

Avoid walking on carpets until they have dried. It would be a shame to ruin the newly cleaned carpets.

Apply Carpet Protector

The majority of carpet makers will recommend that you use a carpet protectant after cleaning your carpet in Melbourne, especially in areas with high traffic. Over time, it’s natural for carpets to start losing their stain resistance. The carpet will soil much more easily and become harder to clean.

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